Happy Holidays!!!


This is my colored pencil experiment. I get a holiday feel when I look at it. I prefer the vibrant color that you get with paint, so will try that next.


I think I have finally come out of my shell. There are loads and loads of Zentangle® websites out there in which to peruse the genius of Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, as well as a plethora of other repetitive pattern artists to study such as Mehndi, and doodle style free-form artists. My brain is swimming with the creativity that abounds on the internet in this realm of  "Yoga for Your Brain"! Soon I am going to try Linda Farmer's Zentangle® pattern challenges on Tangle Patterns. Her blog is extensive and very educational! Today I am posting my attempt at the Aura Knot, which is a Zentangle pattern name. I watched Maria and Rick do it on video last night and it is fun, easy, extremely variable, and the results are very cool, especially once you apply shading. Here it is, tell me what you think! I am also reposting my Ink Fiddle of yesterday as I have added some shading and I colored in the blank spaces on one side to create a different look. I really like it! In fact I am going to frame this one. I am looking for doodlers of all kinds  to join me on my journey, and submit any kind of Zentangle®, doodle art, Mehndi, mandala, or any kind of repetitive pattern art  to Robin at chezrobin@gmail.com. I look forward to seeing what YOUR results are! Ciao!