A daily diary of Zentangle

Check out this fabulous 75 page diary for your doodles or Zentangle® patterns. Designed by Karen Izzi PhD, CZT it is just the right size to journal your favorite patterns, tangles, and doodles at home or on the go. Mine is on order! Love it! 

Celtic Knot or Not?

I am a person who loves challenges, and as I ramble around on the web looking at this artwork and that artwork I kept running into these fabulous Celtic knots, intricate in design and seemingly impossible to do without a very steady hand, an eye for spatial relationships, and a lot of patience, and then I happened upon a video on how to draw a Celtic knot EASILY, and that one word jumped off the page at me and off I went to try my hand at it. Now my knot is not as I had intended, but still it has an attraction to it, and I see many more Celtic knots in my future. It is fun and very rewarding! Oh, and it is the perfect accompaniment to an Ink Fiddle!

Here is the link to a video that can help you draw one with ease: How to Draw a Celtic Knot Real Easy